For the first time, DEKRA Group ranks among the Top-50 German companies

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Best German Brands 2015 Dekra

With a trade name value of 198 million Euros, DEKRA Group has for the first time ranked 47th among the 50 top companies in Germany at this year’s Best German Brands 2015 held by Interbrand.

Through its positioning as an independent certification and inspection body, DEKRA has kept its trade name on the path towards internationalization and growth: being consistent, solid, reliable and progressive, while constantly striving to expand its portfolio of products and services.

DEKRA is one of the world’s primary inspection, certification and consulting service providers, offering its services to private persons and corporate clients in over 50 countries. The company is divided into three business units, namely the Automotive Industry, the Industrial Sector and Human Resources, and provides professional services in areas such as vehicle inspections, expert opinions, management of claims, consulting, product testing, certification, environmental protection and development of professional qualifications.

DEKRA is currently expanding, inter alia, through acquisitions in order to focus on the field of business Consulting, in an effort to meet the constantly changing needs of clients. These efforts strengthen DEKRA’s reliability, impartiality and professional reputation, and are fully in line with the internal values of its popular brand, and with the group’s operating divisions.

The group has an online presence that extends to social networking sites, where it maintains its reliable and serious image; an image that inspires confidence.

Interbrand, one of the world’s leading consultancies, has for the second time ranked the top 50 brands in Germany (Best German Brands 2015). The study provides revealing facts on the annual growth of the strongest companies originating in Germany, in view of current market trends and the growth of the German economy in general.
You can find more information on DEKRA’s rank in the top 50 and here.