DEKRA – Mission: Security




  • DEKRA was founded in 1925 with the aim of ensuring the safety of vehicles, machines and people
  • It ranks among the top 5 inspection, training and certification companies in the world
  • Provides services in the automotive, industrial and human resources sectors
  • It has branches and subsidiaries in over 50 countries on every continent
  • 35,000 associates
  • 1,000 instructors
  • Approximately 100,000 trainees per year in Germany alone
  • turnover of 2.8 billion (2013)

For the first time, DEKRA Group ranks among the Top-50 German companies

For the first time, DEKRA Group ranks among the Top-50 German companies.

With a trade name value of 198 million Euros, DEKRA Group has for the first time ranked 47th among the 50 top companies in Germany at this year’s Best German Brands 2015 held by Interbrand.


Collaboration with the American Farm School

Collaboration with the American Farm School

DEKRA Akademie Ltd, a subsidiary of DEKRA Group, focuses its business activities on the education and training of human resources, thus fulfilling the company’s mission to ensure safety on every professional level.


DDEKRA Akademie – Training, Certification & Consulting Services Ltd was founded in 2014 under the trade name of DEKRA Akademie Ltd.

DEKRA Akademie Ltd was founded by DEKRA Akademie GmbH and DEKRA Akademie Kft, as a subsidiary of the DEKRA Group. The non-profit Group, DEKRA eV, has since 1925 been operating in the fields of training and certification of companies and workers, as well as quality assurance and environmental protection, having built a network of more than 100 subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

DEKRA Akademie GmbH operates in the field of education and training of human resources in quality, safety, logistics, technology, the environment and many other issues, and also in the field of certification of individuals. Furthermore, it runs offices in 100 cities in Germany and in more than 50 countries around the world. In 2009 it established the first private DEKRA University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. It employs approximately 1,000 educators and 32,000 other employees worldwide, and has organized over 7,000 seminars with 120,000 participants. It provides training and certification across a broad spectrum of professional specialties, from agricultural equipment operators to professional football referees in Germany.

The scope of DEKRA Akademie Ltd includes the education, training and certification of human resources, the development of all kinds of training and consulting activities and initiatives, and generally the provision of services that aim to improve quality of life, protect the environment and promote sustainable urban, economic, social, tourism, scientific, cultural and technological development for cities and their inhabitants. Its fields of activity include Tourism, Rural Development, Renewable Energy Sources, the Environment and Health.

The change in financial circumstances can be seen as a starting point for training and making the most of human resources, and this is where DEKRA Akademie Ltd plays a central role, it implements human resource education and training programmes, which meet the needs of the Greek and European labour markets, and it does this through the utilization of European financing and policy tools.

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